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We turn thoughts into code, napkin drawings into designs, and concepts into app store releases for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses.

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Our Platform

Developing mobile apps should be affordable, fast and built to meet the needs of your business. We offer an all-encompassing solution that allows us to build, manage, maintain and update your apps through a single platform.

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Cheap fast mobile app development Chicago
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Chicago mobile app development

Why Work With Us?

We’ve done it before. Mobile apps are built from a series of repeatable parts that can be used time and time again. There’s no need to charge you to recreate the wheel.

Flat rate mobile app development Chicago

SnapCore — 4 weeks to launch!
Our average timeline for going from design to launch is 4 weeks. Speed to market and cost effectiveness are our specialties. Once launched, you have full access to your user data and analytics as well as our feature library, thus making it easy for you to rapidly iterate to make your mobile suite better.

How It Works

You have a great app idea and want to build it quickly without spending your entire budget on a minimum viable product. After talking to agencies and contractors, you realize that building your product is going to cost your entire budget plus some. This is where SnapMobile fits in...…

  • 1. Consult with Our Team

    Our team is comprised of industry experts and veterans who would love to help define your mobile strategy.

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  • 2. Design & Customize Your App

    There are thousands of ways we can style your app to ensure your product is unique and on brand.

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  • 3. Build & Launch Your App

    After agreeing to design, we build and launch your app, and configure your Admin and Analytics Platform.

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Ongoing Innovations & Iterations

Use our Analytics Platform to track progress toward your key business goals, and to understand what needs updated to better move the needle. Then use the SnapCore platform to make necessary content changes in real-time, and rapidly iterate on your feature set.

Control Your Product Suite

The SnapCore platform offers you nearly full-control over your product suite. From on-the-fly content updates, to adding new features within a matter of days or weeks, you can truly test, prototype and iterate rapidly.

So Many Features

When you partner with us, you have access to our constantly growing library of features. Below is a sample of some of our most popular ones. Contact us to learn what all we offer!

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Message Your Clients Or Friends
Message your customers, start a group chat with your friends, or confirm a reservation.

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Geolocation & Mapping
Navigate to locations, see your friends on a map, or find popular locations nearby.

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Visualize Your Data
We have numerous ways to display and visualize your data (e.g., locations, images, videos, contact, schedules).

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Pay for outside goods or services or make an in-app purchase through our payment platform.

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RSVPs & Scheduling
RSVP for events, add events to calendars and view other users’ calendars for scheduling purposes.

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Quizzes & Games
Send your users quizzes, surveys, or basic games, and then analyze their results.

And so much more…

  Data & Image Capture

  Gamification & Leaderboards

  Robust Search & Filter

  Social Sharing & Aggregation

  API Integrations

  Audio & Video Features

Ready to get started?

Or just have questions? Shoot us a note!

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