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Mobile app development.  4 weeks. 1 flat fee. Mobile app development.  4 weeks. 1 flat fee.

Mobile app development.
4 weeks. 1 flat fee.

We’re a Chicago-based team that believes building a mobile app for your business should be simple, fast, and affordable. Our development approach lets us build amazing digital experiences at a fraction of the cost of a typical agency.

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Our Process: Simple, Fast, and Affordable

We're taking the headache out of the standard mobile agency process. First, we host a strategy session and build a prototype of your app at no cost. Then, we build your app in just weeks for a flat fee. Finally, we help your app thrive with ongoing maintenance, support, and feature updates.








Initial Conversation

Schedule an introductory call with our team. Share the details of your app and get to know more about our process, relevant work, and team.

Product meeting

Meet with our product team to discuss the scope of the project. We will discuss strategy, pricing, and timelines so you can determine if we are a good fit for your mobile needs.

Feature set outline

We’ll write up a strategy document that outlines all of the features for your initial application. Once you approve the feature set, we can move on to the prototype.

Proof Concept


Interactive prototype

Based on the feature set outline, our design team will put together a low-fidelity prototype. This will give you a good idea of how the app will eventually function and you can decide if it meets your expectations.

Concept validation

Take your prototype and show it to friends, stakeholders, and investors. This gives you invaluable feedback for your concept without any commitment. Once you’re satisfied, you can reserve a spot in our build schedule.


High-fidelity visual design

The design team will add visual polish with dynamic colors, fonts, and icons. These will be approved by you before moving into development.

Efficient development

Using modular components common in all apps, we’re able to build your app in just four weeks without sacrificing any quality.

Release to the app stores

Your app gets submitted to both the App Store and Google Play Store. Once approved, your app is ready for the whole world to see and experience!

Get in Touch
Build Mockup
Iterate Mockup


Maintain your app

We’ll provide you with access to our SnapCore administrator portal. This let’s you manage content and users for your app without touching a line of code.

Get market feedback

Instead of charging you to conduct user research, we use our expertise to help you quickly get a quality product on the market and start getting valuable market feedback.


Using market feedback, we can make adjustments and add road-mapped features. Timely iteration is key to successful products in a fast-paced industry.

Grow your userbase

An app is only useful if people are using it! At this point, you will have all of the tools necessary to grow a large userbase for your new app.