Mobile App Development Pricing


Mobile apps are no longer optional. Companies need feature-rich, high-performance applications that both satisfy consumer demand and meet stakeholder ROI expectations. Two-thirds of mobile users surveyed said they would delete a mobile app after one use if it didn’t perform as advertised.

The mobile mandate is clear: Build a great app or get left behind. The challenge? Great apps don’t come cheap, and smaller businesses often balk at the upfront costs of cutting-edge applications. At SnapMobile, it’s our goal to help businesses of any size leverage new and innovative mobile technologies, so let’s break down the real cost of creating an app.


Great for Small Businesses

For small businesses, mobile investments are often shelved in favor of more familiar alternatives. Why? First is the sheer number of app development companies and technologies available — for SMBs new to app development, it’s hard to separate best-in-class offerings from substandard technology. In addition, many developers make it complicated to select a partner. They require four to six months to design, build and test new applications. All of which demands a huge upfront capital investment. The result? Many SMBs take a hard pass on mobile apps. We exist to change that narrative.


Process and Partnerships

SnapMobile is altering the way app development works by creating a partnership and process model that makes building mobile applications simple, fast and affordable. Here’s how it works.

  • Simple — App consultation, design and prototyping take place before contracts are signed, meaning you don’t pay anything until you’re happy with what you see.
  • Fast — One month. Instead of six months or more, our one-month, fast-build process gets you the app you need, when you need it.
  • Affordable — Our mobile app development price is a single, flat fee that includes app strategy, design and testing along with deployment to app stores, web-based administrative portals and analytics integration.


By the Numbers

Let’s dive into the details of mobile app development cost. It’s one thing to call an app “affordable,” and another to see hard numbers. Here’s how our development and design fees break down:

  • Build Fee:  $40,000 flat fee for all 4 week builds. This includes everything listed above, plus the added value of hybrid app design. All applications work across iOS and Android operating systems and include a full web-based administrative portal.
  • Monthly Fee:  $1,000. This includes hosting, maintenance and bug fixes, analytic reports, operating system updates and account planning. It’s our goal to make your mobile app worry-free.
  • Feature Updates:  $7,500 per update. Regular feature updates help you stay ahead of the competition, and exceed consumer and employee expectations.


Great mobile application design and creation has historically come at a high cost. SnapMobile’s fully transparent, flat-fee structure delivers the application your SMB needs without breaking the bank.


Let our team build a full prototype of your app before signing a contract.

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