Mobile App Maintenance and Updates


Mobile applications require continuous updates and support. While the goal is always to release a feature-rich app right out of the gate, it’s important to plan for feature additions, bug fixing and operating system updates for your product. When applications go live, businesses often discover the need for minor tweaks — or major overhauls. There’s also always the question of ongoing efficacy for your app; here’s why mobile app maintenance and updates are a must-have.


Maintenance Matters

No technology survives without maintenance. Servers experience downtime, networks go through performance issues and websites have the occasional bug. Companies are paying for regular maintenance to minimize the risk and impact of these issues. Yet the need for app maintenance is often overlooked — shouldn’t the app you invested in be looked after on a day-to-day basis?

If you collaborated with the right development firm, absolutely. What happens if your users start asking for new features? What if networking issues hamper app performance? While it’s possible to handle these challenges in-house, app maintenance costs can quickly exceed expectations — and with your team focused on maintaining mobile apps, you lose time for other IT projects.

The SnapMobile solution is simple: We don’t simply design your app, we support it throughout the lifecycle. This includes critical maintenance tasks such as:

  • Performance EvaluationIs your app performing as intended? Can users quickly and easily access the services and features they need? Our team of experts can help diagnose performance problems, recommend solutions and provide ongoing app monitoring.
  • Security HygieneThe security of your app and all user data is of the utmost importance. At SnapMobile, it’s our mission to design reliable, secure apps that keep your data safe from malicious actors.
  • ScalabilityYour business is growing. You need a mobile app capable of keeping pace — our app maintenance services ensure that your product is ready to scale when it’s crunch time.


Mobile App Updates

Continuing to improve your mobile app through feature additions and updates should be a priority. We work with your team to identify a road map of possible feature additions for the app. As we receive feedback from users about how the app is performing, we create a schedule of updates and new releases for your team.

  • Current Feature EnhancementsWhat happens when users want to see improvements for existing features in your app? The SnapCore admin portal lets you quickly manage content and users, but for more in-depth changes, we’re ready to re-imagine, redesign and redeploy your app.
  • New Features — Technology changes fast and so does your business. It’s our job to help keep your mobile app up to speed with the latest innovations in technology. Rely on our team for a constant supply of new ideas to help keep your app as a leader in the industry.


The SnapMobile Difference

What sets us apart from other design and app maintenance firms? First up is our mission statement: Affordable, fast and simple. We offer flat-fee, four-week development to give you mobile apps that exceed your expectations without breaking the bank. What’s more, all our apps are hybrid — meaning they work across multiple mobile OSs while retaining access to native mobile permissions. It’s the best of both worlds, and makes it much easier to assess maintenance requirements, address app issues and implement solutions.

Innovative apps don’t exist in isolation; SnapMobile maintenance services guarantee that your app always has the advantage. Contact us today, and turn your great ideas into top-tier apps.


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