Mobile App Strategy

What’s Your Strategy? Do You Need One?

Absolutely — and here’s why. In a business landscape now dominated by mobile devices, both customers and employees aren’t visiting your website to make informed decisions. Instead, they’re leveraging mobile apps and expecting the same experience as desktop-native software. The result? Your apps must be fast, functional and feature-rich — and it all starts with strategy.

Laying the Groundwork

The sheer number of mobile devices now used in the workplace puts pressure on companies to develop apps right now. The problem? Without a mobile app development strategy in place, it’s easy to invest in technology without a clear picture for how the app will benefit your business.

Designing a mobile app business plan, meanwhile, puts you in the right mindset by linking application features with line-of-business objectives. The right strategy can ensure that applications are designed to serve business needs and drive ROI.

Put simply, a mobile app strategy helps you create the right app for your business.

The SnapMobile Mission

At SnapMobile, we recognize the development disconnect that occurs for many businesses: You have a host of app expectations but you’re not a development firm — how do you effectively translate potential into mobile programming?

Start with our three-step strategy method:

  • Initial Conversation — Let’s talk. Tell us about your application, discuss your expectations and learn more about our process, body of work and team of experts.

  • Product Meeting — Meet with our product team to determine the scope of your project. Discuss the long-term vision for your app, how it aligns with business objectives, and then talk about pricing and timelines to see if we’re the right fit.

  • Feature Set We draft an initial feature set and strategy document for your app — what’s going to happen, when and what features you can expect.

If you like what you see, our next step is prototyping — building something you can look at, share with stakeholders, and use to generate feedback.

Making the Call

You need a mobile app; getting the right mobile app for your business demands a solid development strategy. At SnapMobile, both our strategy sessions and prototype development services are provided at no cost — when you’re satisfied, lock down a slot in our schedule and we’ll get to work.  


Empower your app development strategy, and get the best app for your business. Let’s talk.


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