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When companies develop mobile applications, customers are often top priority, followed by apps that enhance internal productivity — but the evolution of business apps is now driving specificity. What does this mean for your business? It’s no longer enough to equip frontline sales teams with technology that’s “good enough” to find leads and close deals — staff needs work apps designed to empower the entire sales cycle.

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Trends Shaping the Need for Mobile Sales Enablement

  • Traditional sales enablement technology often leave sales teams with multiple tools, siloed data and a clunky sales experience.. This leaves sales personnel with a feeling of being disconnected and misinformed
  • Product / Commercial Marketing & Sales Management need more real-time feedback
  • Competition is investing and evolving
  • Motivating, training and communicating an increasingly remote workforce is a priority
  • Leveraging multiple applications becomes cost prohibitive and doesn't provide the benefits of a fully integrated sales enablement app.

Mobile App Sales Enablement



Closing the Deal

Your product is cutting-edge. So why send sales teams into the field with yesterday’s technology? Consider this: your sales and marketing team is working to position and align your solution with a high-level prospect to win an order Key to doing so, is providing an interested lead with applicablmarketing materials and product specifications.  Traditionally, your team relies on accessing these tools from varying sources, risking an inconsistent or inaccurate message - both of which can damage your opportunity and brand. 

Additionally, pulling up these resources can be time consuming and user unfriendly - further convoluting your message. It begs the question: If you put so much effort and passion into building your product and service base, why not showcase it the same way? More importantly, why not give sales teams the tools and technology they need to win the confidence and sponsorship of your customer?



The Sales Enablement Solution

What does a great sales app look like? It’s got the bones of a business communication app, empowering staff to quickly get the information and answers it needs wherever, whenever. That’s just the beginning. The ideal sales application makes it easy to:

  • Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 9.48.46 PM.pngAccess marketing materials: Photos, videos, product spec sheets, white papers and application success storiessell sheets — it’s all there in the app, easily accessible for sales staff to use as reference or showcase to leads.
  • CRM access and lead capture: Sales apps aren’t standalone. The ideal application is natively linked to your CRM deployment so staff can easily grab historical data or add new contact information in the field. Don't have a CRM? That also can be built into the mobile sales application.
  • Timely communication & training: This includes the ability to push email, critical sales news and updated product or solution information to your team. Why? Because it’s critical that sales teams have access to current pricing, specifications and promotions before they engage with leads.
  • Cross-Functional CollaborationA well-designed sales enablement application facilitates collaboration with other key functional areas of your business: product marketing, engineering, operations and finance.  Product marketing teams often rely on 
    sales feedback regarding customer requirements, competitive threats, business potential and target markets to develop and enhance product roadmaps.  Your finance and operations team need accurate and comprehensive forecasts to plan their business.  Sales enablement solutions from SnapMobile can help bridge these gaps and add value to other elements of your business.
  • Quote toolsTime is essential and your competitors are also committed to be more efficient and responsive. Whether building and submitting quotes to new clients or collecting feedback, sales apps must empower your team to input customer requirements and deliver customized quotes.
  • Admin accessGreat apps don’t exist in a vacuum. Yours should provide real-time visibility to key performance indicators such as usage, lead conversion and project closure rates to enable mindful efficiency and resource utilization.


SnapMobile Sales Enablement App Video


Measuring SuccessScreen Shot 2018-02-28 at 9.55.00 PM.png

Gone are the days of building a mobile app simply to check a corporate box. Investing in new technology for your business needs to be measured in dollars, time, productivity and closed business. Ask us about the following results delivered for our clients …

  • 2000 sales interactions per month with digital sales material vs outdated paper-print sales sheets
  • Final client signature and payment times reduced from 3-days to 1 day.
  • Automatic quotes and claims measured in minuteseliminating manual work to create client estimates and reducing turn around time by up to 3 hours
  • Onboard and train new sales team members in half the time



Why SnapMobile

There are 100s of Sales Enablement apps for download. The question is why work with SnapMobile?

Your sales needs are unique. It’s our mission to empower your team with the right app and the right features for the right price. Here's what our team brings to the table that we believe is important for your sales team...

  • Customization - we build customer solutions to cater to your unique needs
  • Scalable - add additional functionality across multiple platforms
  • Comprehensive - we're your single source for all of your sales enablement needs
  • Affordable - we don't believe sales enablement apps should break the bank

Check out the case study below to learn more about how major brands are building mobile enabled apps for their sales team.


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How do we get started

We start with strategy: What’s your vision? What are your requirements and budget? Then, we build a prototype — at no cost — for you to review. Happy with what you see? Lock in a price and a place in our build schedule to get started. 

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