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Other Great Projects

In Home Fitness Programs

Protocol 1

Health, Media

Protocol 1 provides in-home fitness programs that are personally tailored for clients by professional trainers. These programs contain instructional videos that show users how to perform exercises as well as checklists for sets and repetitions.

Other features include nutrition tips, research articles, and upcoming events.

Sparkl Car Wash App

Sparkl Mobile

On Demand

Taking your car to get hand washed takes time and effort. With Sparkl, you can request a wash using your phone and a washer will go to where the car is.

With streamlined appointment creation and payment processing, we made a wash request possible in seconds. We also created an employee version of the app for them to navigate appointments and locate customers.

Get in Touch
Bypass The Lines App



No one likes waiting in line, especially when it’s your night out to blow off steam. ByeLine lets users buy tickets in order to skip the line at local bars.

This app was designed to be user friendly no matter how late the night gets. Popular on college campuses, ByeLine gives off a fun and youthful vibe.

Valet Services

FC Hospitality


FC Hospitality, which provides valet services for a number of large clients in the Chicago area, asked us to help them streamline their cumbersome valet process. Instead of keeping track of endless vehicle tags, our app allows valets to scan one tag to update the status, from dropoff to pickup.

We also built a separate web portal so customers can request their vehicle at designated valet stations.



Marketing, Media

Market research is extremely valuable. This app was built to collect information by incentivising users to take quick and easy surveys on the go.

Each survey rewards users with points which they can trade in for prizes in the revēle marketplace.

RN Docs

RN Docs

Utility, Media

A common painpoint for medical professionals is having to submit an array of personal documents at each new facility they work at. Many of these documents are hard to replace, so constantly moving and copying them only increases the chance of misplacing them.

With RN Docs, nurses can upload photos of all of their important documents and store them safely in the app. From there, they can easily organize them into packages and send them to anyone they want.



Utility, Media

It’s easy to lose track of what’s really important in life. We get caught up in our careers and tend to neglect our health and relationships.

Xente is a lifestyle app that tells you how balanced your life is and facilitates improvement. You can invite connections to events, upload and share memories, and send yourself reminders to connect with loved ones.

And many more

  • Chicago LeaderShip Alliance
  • Crane Network
  • Creative Group
  • DatStreet
  • Entact
  • Board Hero
  • Kimpton
  • MC Machinery
  • Sales University Group
  • Wright Path