Business App Development


Mobile applications are now the rule — not the exception — for established businesses. Consider this: Mobile commerce accounts for 31 percent of total sales, and mobile conversion is up 30 percent year over year — while employees expect access to agile, adaptable mobile apps that make their jobs easier and help streamline cooperation and collaboration. The takeaway? Business app development is a must-have for companies to stay ahead of the curve. Here’s how SnapMobile can help.


Any Size, Any Sector

Your business needs a custom app. Not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all application that invariably has some rough edges and doesn’t quite align with long-term goals, but one built from the ground up with your organization in mind. At SnapMobile, that’s what we do. From small business app development to large-scale enterprise app building to everything in-between, we are application experts and it’s our mission to design and deploy solutions that empower your business.

Leverage our four key services — strategy, prototyping, development and ongoing support — for the experience and expertise of a mobile app partner committed to exceeding your expectations and earning your trust. That means offering no-cost strategy and prototyping services paired with flat-fee development contracts and clear-cut timelines. The bottom line is we’re here to help you succeed, and we’ve got the pedigree to deliver what we promise.


The App Advantage

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Right? Why introduce a new mobile app to your IT ecosystem if current technology is “good enough”? First of all, good enough isn’t good enough in a mobile-driven world. Customers expect anytime, anywhere access, and employees demand the ability to collaborate across platforms, networks and locations.  While off-the-shelf mobile apps might fill some of those needs, custom-built solutions give you the oversight and control needed to design applications that both satisfy current demands and can grow with your business.

Next, the practical details, including:

  • Increased revenueE-commerce transactions are up, fueled by the rise of mobile adoption. The result? Purpose-built, customer-facing applications make it easier for consumers to discover and purchase your products, increasing total revenue.
  • Bigger customer baseMobile consumers have high expectations and limited patience. Provide a great-looking, high-performing app to increase loyalty.
  • Boosted brandsWord of mouth is powerful in the mobile marketplace. Strengthen your brand with mobile apps that set you apart from the competition.
  • Improved internal operationsCustomer-facing apps are only half of the equation. Give staff applications that empower them to communicate, collaborate and innovate.


Ready for an app that’s built from the ground up to meet your needs and improve your outcomes? We can help. Talk to a SnapMobile expert today and discover the benefits of end-to-end mobile app development.

Mobile apps are no longer optional. Companies need feature-rich, high-performance applications that both satisfy consumer demand and meet stakeholder ROI expectations. Two-thirds of mobile users surveyed said they would delete a mobile app after one use if it didn’t perform as advertised.

The mobile mandate is clear: Build a great app or get left behind. The challenge? Great apps don’t come cheap, and smaller businesses often balk at the upfront costs of cutting-edge applications. At SnapMobile, it’s our goal to help businesses of any size leverage new and innovative mobile technologies, so let’s break down the real cost of creating an app.


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